Plain Language in Norway's Civil Service

In 2009, Difi and Språkrådet joined forces for a clearer and more user-friendly language in government agencies. Together we are able to combine public administration expertise, plain language skills and project management skills and reach a broad audience.

Plain language in Norway – a political initiative

«Plain Language in Norway’s Civil Service» was launched in 2009 as a top-down project and a prioritized government initiative. The Minister of Local Government and Modernization is the patron of plain language work in Norway. Since 2009, three ministers from three different political parties have held this office. They have all embraced the plain language idea and made the project their own. For some, promoting the perspective of democracy has been important, for others, public sector efficiency and user involvement have been central.

Every year the Minister of Local Government and Modernisation hands out the plain language award to a government agency and a municipality that have achieved excellent plain language results in their work. This is a clear symbol of the political commitment to plain language.

Through our project “Plain language in Norway’s civil service” (2009–2012), we have encouraged and empowered Norwegian ministries and government agencies to establish their own plain language work, share their experiences and measure their results. Since 2012, the national plain language work has developed into a strong and permanent cooperation between Difi and Språkrådet.


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  • host of 4 national plain language conferences

Difi and Språkrådet have developed an extensive plain language network in Norway. We can ensure a solid and professional fundament for PLAIN 2019.

4 successful plain language conferences in Norway

Our national plain language conferences feature prominent international guests and receive excellent feedback. They attract around 300 participants. The conferences cover topics such as plain legal language, measuring effects of plain language work, plain language culture and plain language in digital services.

In 2019, we look forward to hosting the PLAIN international





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Published: 20. Sep 2017, Last modified: 22. Sep 2017


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