About Difi - Agency for Public Management and eGovernment

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Difi is a government agency overseen by the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation. Difi aims to modernize and make the Norwegian public sector more efficient, user oriented and better coordinated.

Published: 15. Oct 2018, Last modified: 09. Aug 2019


  • Generates and spreads knowledge in the fields of leadership and management, digitalization and procurement in the public sector
  • Provides advice and training
  • Helps develop and manage common IT solutions in the public sector
  • Implements government policies
  • Difi is an experienced conference organizer with a dedicated department for arranging conferences of all sizes and purposes.

Difi has been responsible for project management and communication in the project «Plain Language in the Norway’s Civil Service».

We give advice to government agencies and ministries on how to

  • organise their clear language work
  • build clear language capacities
  • facilitate for clear language work
  • measure results of the clear language work

We also develop tools and organise seminars on different clear language topics.


Did you find what you were looking for?

Did you find what you were looking for?