Our sponsors make PLAIN 2019 possible. Thank you!

Published: 15. Oct 2018, Last modified: 23. Sep 2019

Gold sponsor for the PLAIN Oslo Conference 



Tansa Systems has developed advanced text proofing tools and systems for professional companies since 1995. We deliver enterprise text proofing and hyphenation tools known to reduce the amount of typographical spelling and style errors as well as improve the efficiency and time spent on correction.

Our systems have the ability to check phrases allowing Tansa to correct a wide variety of style, spelling, usage and punctuation errors. Users then have more time to spend on content instead of cleaning up mistakes. 

Plain Language Europe is a group of communication companies that specializes in Plain Language. We all use one common standard to help organizations communicate in a way that everyone understands them. Think about it: governments, banks, pharmaceutical companies, insurers and hospitals all need to write to everyday people. We help them use Plain Language to make sure they reach their goal.  

How can we help?
We can write your text in Plain Language. We can turn your current text into Plain Language. And we can train you to write in Plain Language through onsite training or e-learning.

We also have plenty of handy tools and tips to help you on your way. 

Who is in the Plain Language Europe network?
Supertext, Berlin, Germany 
Avec des mots, Paris, France 
Writec, Desenzano del Garda, Italy 
Supertext, Zürich, Switzerland 
Domus Verlag, Vienna, Austria 
Cálamo & Cran, Madrid, Spain 
Fundación Visibilia, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
BureauTaal, Beusichem, The Netherlands 

PLain English Foundation is an authority in clear communication, with over 15 years’ experience helping organisations to improve their writing.

We combine plain English training, editing and evaluation with a campaign for more ethical public language. Our enthusiasm and proven expertise have made us the first port of call for many organisations seeking to reform their writing culture.

We are proud to sponsor this year’s conference as part of our mission:
· to improve the standard of public language
· to build the plain English profession.
As part of this work, our Executive Director, Dr Neil James, has served as both President and Vice President of PLAIN. This year he will present the conference closing address.


Sponsored events


Hello Oslo! Guided Walk 26 September. Sponsored by OXX 

(The guided walk will be in english, this sponsor text is only presented in norwegian.)

OXX skaper digitale løsninger i krysningspunktet teknologi, design og forretning.

Mange overkompliserer digitaliseringsarbeidet. Vi tror på å gjøre det enkelt. I innovasjonsprosjekter blir veien til mens man går. Velger du oss som leverandør, overfører vi vår prosess- og metodekompetanse og gir deg verktøy som setter deg i stand til å skape gode resultater for framtida. 

Vi er forretningsutviklere som hjelper deg å utnytte mulighetene de digitale kanalene og webteknologi representerer. I 20 år har vi digitalisert Norge og hjulpet noen av landets smarteste virksomheter med å forenkle, fornye og forbedre prosessene, bruke ressursene sine der de gir størst effekt, og skape gode brukeropplevelser i selvbetjeningsløsninger. Ring oss eller stikk innom. Vi er ofte ubarberte, men aldri ubehøvlede, og vi har god, glutenfri kaffe!

Drinks reception 25th September. Sponsored by Press Here

Press Here was started by Jana Goldman in 2013 to help scientists use plain language to talk about their work. Press Here offers plain language training, media, training and other communications services. Its located in Silver Spring, Maryland in the US.

Jana is a former daily newspaper reporter and editor, the deputy press secretary to a U.S. Senator, and the public affairs officer for the research office of a US government science agency. She was a plain language trainer for the US government. Press Here offers plain language training, media, training and other communications services. 

Entertainmant sponsors for the Official conference dinner 26th September sponsored by SFU Continuing Studies
As part of Simon Fraser University, SFU Continuing Studies has been providing flexible learning options for over 45 years. We deliver accessible high-quality academic programming that anticipates both learners’ needs and the demands of a changing world.

SFU's part-time, online Plain Language Certificate program is designed for communication professionals ready to expand their skill set. Our comprehensive training will allow you to convey any message so that the broadest possible audience can understand it. Taught by established industry experts who bring real-world knowledge and experience in plain language communication, our flexible certificate program is ideal for working professionals and can be completed in as little as one year.

Drink sponsor for the Official conference dinner 26th September: Sponsored by Write | Using the power of words for good

We know that words have the power to positively transform lives, workplaces, and society as a whole.

We help businesses and organisations achieve their strategic goals through clear and efficient communication. We offer insightful consultancy, expert writing services, and bespoke training to radically improve the way a workplace communicates. 

Over the years, we’ve produced compelling evidence of the link between an organisation’s writing style and its ultimate success. And we’ve developed techniques to help our clients change their writing culture for the better.

Write is the home of the WriteMark® Plain Language Standard — a symbol of clarity awarded to documents written to a high standard of plain language.

We’re at the forefront of the plain language movement in New Zealand, and a long-standing member of the international plain language community. CE Lynda Harris was honoured to receive the prestigious Christine Mowat Plain Language Achievement Award at the PLAIN conference in Dublin in 2015.