These are the presentations from the speakers at the PLAIN conference 2019.

Publisert: 14. nov 2019, Sist endret: 09. des 2019

If you cannot find the presentation you are looking for, the presenter may not have given consent, or we have not yet received it. New presentations will be added as soon as they are ready for publishing.


Plenary sessions

Concurrent session 1 - Plain language empowers

Concurrent session 2 - Plain language in the digital era

Concurrent session 3 - Plain language in practice

Concurrent session 4 - Culture for plain language

Concurrent session 5 - Plain language pays off

Concurrent session 6 - Plain language for justice and democracy

Concurrent session 7 - Plain language is more than text



Did you find what you were looking for?

Did you find what you were looking for?