Conference theme "Clear communication – clear results"

Plain language and clear communication are more than just words. We wish to explore how the effects can be measured on a greater scale in society, for justice and democracy. We will also look into how plain language interacts with diciplines such as information design, technical writing, usability, user experience and more, to produce clear communication – and give clear results.

We wish to explore subthemes like: 

  • Write clear laws and nip legalese in the bud
  • Good results with user-friendly digital services
  • Facts and numbers - make use of research and surveys
  • Best practice and lessons learned
  • Involve the people - get a clear message across
  • Good results bring the leaders on board - and leaders on board promote results

By focusing on clear communication we wish to present a broad scope of genres and link the conference theme to the international definition of plain language: «A communication is in plain language if its wording, structure, and design are so clear that the intended audience can easily find what they need, understand what they find, and use that information.»