Call for presentations

We are seeking interesting and dynamic speakers who can speak on our theme and show different aspects of how clear communication is beneficial for society, companies, users, democracy or justice.

Published: 23. Oct 2018, Last modified: 29. Oct 2018

The conference theme is "Clear communication - clear results". We welcome plain language experts and participants from all relevant areas of expertise to present their knowledge and expertise in fields such as: information design, technical writing, usability, user experience, and others. 

This is a great opportunity for you to meet professionals from all over the world, share your knowledge and generate new ideas and initiatives.

Please note that we don’t pay our contributors. 

Requirements for submission of presentation

You will be asked to give a title and summary of your presentation in 100 – 300 words in free text. You will also be asked to give some information in structured keywords about the topic, presentation format and learning outcome for participants. You can attach up to three files about yourself and/or your presentation topic.

Please feel free to log in to the system and click through our questions. You can always save your changes and return later for the final submission.