Pre-conference: Five reasons for plain language work

The work with plain language in Norway celebrates its 10-year anniversary. In 2009, the Norwegian government made plain language a political priority. Since then there has been political consensus across party lines as to the importance of plain language work. This view has not changed despite fluctuations in the political landscape, making plain language work in Norway unique.

Publisert: 10. jul 2019, Sist endret: 18. sep 2019

The pre-conference celebrates the anniversary. In the past decade, we have erred and learned. Still our credo has endured the test of time, keeping us focused and on track though our ups and downs:

  1. Plain language promotes democracy and justice.
  2. Plain language promotes trust.
  3. Plain language saves time and money.
  4. Plain language promotes clear communication.
  5. The public sector should set a good example for plain language.

As an introduction to the five main reasons for working with plain language, we will present five relevant, international cases that correspond to the underlying five reasons for plain language. This will be an to introduction the entire academic field of plain language in broad strokes.

Please note that the segments of the pre-conference will not be repeated at the main conference.

Venue: Domus Academica

We welcome you to Domus Academica at the old University of Oslo by the National Theatre, a 5-minute walk from the main venue of PLAIN 2019. The University of Oslo is a partner in the Norwegian plain language work together with the Norwegian Agency of Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) and the Language Council of Norway.


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