Plain language in practice

Yes, plain language is important, but where do we start? What is the best way to train people to use plain language? How can we convey complex issues using simple words? PLAIN 2019 will attempt to answer these questions in our third concurrent session: Plain language in practice.

Published: 10. Jul 2019, Last modified: 26. Aug 2019

Plain language doesn’t come by itself. So how do you start to implement your plain language work? We invite you to several hands-on sessions to learn more about the best methods for implementing plain language and clear communication. The topics of the concurrent session will be useful to both seasoned plain language veterans and complete newbies.

Among the skills you may hone are your writing skills, both generally and for the web specifically; your ability to convey complex issues simply; how to incorporate plain language principles in presentations and how to use plain language to nudge your target group in the desired direction.

Join our concurrent session to learn more about plain language in practice Thursday 13.00–16.40 and Friday 9.00–11.30. Venue: Radisson Blu.


  • eLearning "Den gylne pennen": Teaching plain language skills in a pedagogic and effective way, using digital tools
    Anniken Willumsen, the Agency of Management and eGovernment, Norway
  • Simplifying the workplace – clear communication in an Australian not-for-profit
    Dr. Angie Sobyra, Wesley Mission Queensland and Leesa Taylor, Australian Institute of Business, Australia
  • Teaching clear writing – what works?
    Sofia Olofson, Språk-konsulterna, Sweden
  • Writing for the web – more than SEO and CTA
    Annasara Jaensson, Språk-konsulterna, Sweden (60 minutes workshop)
  • Improving the understanding of public information and citizen trust with plain language
    Christian Anker, Council of Transparency, Chile
  • Plain Language Networks in Latin America: Argentina and Colombia
    Joanna Richardson, Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal, Argentina and Germán Arias, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia (40 minutes panel)
  • Cooling the heat on climate: Do Plain-spoken scientists result in better public understanding?
    Jana Goldman, Press Here, USA
  • Writing about medicine in plain English
    David Daly, Plain English for Doctors, USA
  • The challenge of writing scientific texts in plain language – the problem of oversimplification
    Dr. Thomas Schindler and Dr. Clive Brown, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH, Germany
  • Using plain language to help more South Africans save for their retirement
    Irene Stotko, Alexander Forbes Financial Services, South Africa
  • Don't mislead the consumers! How plain language motivates to follow EU regulations
    Ida Marie Pedersen, Faun Pharma, Ann-Elisabeth Hammer, Norwegian Food Safety Authority and Margrete Kilde Nes, NTB Arkitekst, Norway
  • Plain Language in presentations: Concise, Effective and Clear
    Joanna Richardson, Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal, Argentina


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Did you find what you were looking for?