Plain language is more than text

How can I use images and other visual elements to support my message? And are there any limits as to what an image can convey? PLAIN 2019 will attempt to answer these questions in our seventh and final concurrent session; Plain language is more than text.

Publisert: 10. jul 2019, Sist endret: 15. aug 2019

A photo says more than a thousand words. The proverb highlights that images are mischievous by their very nature. They can be perceived in many ways, depending on context, experiences and culture. How do you know if the viewers perceive what you want them to see? And how can images work as a visual aid to get your message across?

Join our concurrent session to learn more about how plain language is more than text. Please note that this concurrent session is only held on Friday 10.30–11.30. Venue: Radisson Blu. 


  • Images everywhere: What do I use?
    Cathy Basterfield, Access Easy English, Australia
  • Understanding intercourse
    Rigmor Holm and Arja Melteig, Central Hospital in Telemark, Norway
  • How to improve the patient experience at the University Hospital in Reykjavik
    Hlín Helga Guðlaugsdóttir, Capacent, Iceland


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Did you find what you were looking for?