Culture for plain language

How can we build a culture for plain language in organisations? What about interdisciplinary work? And how can we measure effects? PLAIN 2019 will attempt to answer these questions in our fourth concurrent session: Culture for plain language.

Published: 10. Jul 2019, Last modified: 25. Sep 2019

Plain language is vital in communicating externally with clients, customers and users. However, it is of equal importance when we communicate internally within an organisation. We invite you to several hands-on sessions to learn how to build a culture for plain language in an organisation, mostly from a strategic management point of view, and how to measure its effects.

Join our concurrent session to learn more about culture for plain language Thursday 13.00–16.40 and Friday 9.00–11.30. Venue: Radisson Blu. 


  • Running a clear writing campaign – experience from the European Commission
    Nika Truhacev and Rosie ter Beek, the European Commission Belgium (60 minutes workshop)
  • Permanent clarity: a 20-year survey of plain language reform
    Neil James, Plain English Foundation, Australia
  • Motivating your staff to embrace plain language: How to cater to different needs and challenges
    Tara Droog, Irish Cancer Society, Ireland
  • A conceptual framework for the alignment of plain language and strategic management in the short-term insurance industry
    Nadja Green, Plain Language Institute, South Africa
  • Let's Teach Converging Concepts for Clear Communication
    Cheryl Stephens, Simon Fraser University Continuing Studies and Nicole Watkins Campbell, editor and plain language consultant Canada (60 minutes workshop)
  • Plain Language and Applied Linguistics: An Integrated View on Technical Communication
    Dr. Benedikt Lutz, Donau-Universität Krems, Austria
  • "Oh sh*t, digitalization means we need flawless written communication"
    Hanna Sjöström, Trygg-Hansa, Sweden
  • Helping the taxpayer act right – the language professional's role in fighting the fog in organisational communication
    Reeta Tolonen and Outi Toijanniemi, the Finnish Tax Administration, Finland
  • Measure effects in a wink
    Heidi Bunæs Eklund, NTB Arkitekst and Jostein Ryssevik, ideas2evidence, Norway (60 minutes workshop)


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Did you find what you were looking for?