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Here you will find useful information for your visit to PLAIN 2019. Scroll down for useful maps and visualisations of the conference locations.

Published: 10. Jul 2019, Last modified: 26. Sep 2019

Time and place

All conference venues are within a short walking distance of each other, located in the centre of Oslo.

Main conference

Thursday 26 September 9.00 to Friday 27 September 16.00

The main conference will be held at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel. Both days will consist of plenary and concurrent sessions touching on all subthemes. A detailed programme will be published in June 2019.


Wednesday 25 September 13.00 PM to 16.00

The pre-conference this year is an exciting session at the University of Oslo (Domus Academica). Here you will get an introduction to the Nordic model for plain language, illustrated by examples from the Nordic countries and beyond. The pre-conference is included in the conference fee.

Reception and conference dinner 

The official opening of PLAIN 2019 will take place in Domus Biblioteca (University of Oslo) on Wednesday 25 September

The conference dinner will take at the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel on Thursday 26 September at 7:00 pm. 

Registering for the conference

You can register for the conference, pre-conference, drinks reception, official conference dinner and guided walking tours through our online registration system. The payment must be done using a credit card.


To and from the airport (OSL): The most convenient way to travel between Oslo Airport (OSL) and Oslo city centre is by train. You will find all trains at the airport by turning right after customs. The fastest (and most expensive) option is the Airport Express Train. You can purchase tickets for the Airport Express Train at the Airport Express ticket machines or by using their app. You can also take a local train, which takes a few minutes more, but is cheaper. You can purchase tickets for the local trains at the Vy ticket machines or by using the Ruter app or Vy app. The nearest train station for the conference venue (Radisson Blu Scandinavia hotel) is Nationaltheatret.

Getting around in Oslo: Oslo has a compact city centre and walking is usually a good option. Oslo also has a very efficient public transportation system, with trams, subway (T-bane), buses, trains and even boats. Tickets for all public transportation in Oslo can be bought using the Ruter app and in all 7-Eleven, Narvesen and Deli de Luca shops. The nearest tram stop to the conference venue is Holbergs plass (trams 11, 17 and 18) and the nearest subway station (all lines) is Nationaltheatret. We recommend using the Google maps app for finding the best route from A to B.

Credit cards and cash in Norway

Norway is increasingly becoming a cashless society. We recommend using Visa or Mastercard while you are here. Most shops and restaurants still accept cash (Norwegian kroner), but be aware that some of them may only accept cards.


Almost without exception, all Norwegians speak English and are happy to help foreigners get around. The official language is Norwegian.

Conference venues

The main conference venue is Radisson Blu Scandinavia hotel. Most of the conference will take place at this venue, except the following:

  • The pre-conference (25 September) will take place in Domus Academica ("Gamle festsal") at the University of Oslo. This is 5 minutes walking distance from the main venue. 
  • The official conference drinks reception (25 September) will take place in Domus Bibliotheca at the University of Oslo. This is 5 minutes walking distance from the main venue. 
  • The concurrent session "Plain language for justice and democracy" (26 September) will take place at Professorboligen at the University of Oslo. This is 5 minutes walking distance from the main venue. 
  • The official conference dinner (26 September) will take place at Aker brygge (restaurant TBA). This is 10 minutes walking distance from the main venue.


The temperature in Oslo in late September can range from around 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. We recommend that you check the weather forecast before you pack.


Oslo is a very safe city with a very low crime rate. There are no particular areas in the city that you should avoid for safety reasons.

Getting from the Radisson Blu conference hotel  to the University of Oslo: 


Map of the University of Oslos buildings in the city center: 


Inside the Radisson Blu conference hotel:

The conference is mainly located in the Scandinavia Ballroom (meetingroom Helsingfors, København, Stockholm, Oslo) and the adjoining rooms Bergen/Eidsvoll and Skagerak. 


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Did you find what you were looking for?